A bad day…

I’m sure we all have had experiences where everything on that day was just a terrible mess. It’s like every single thing is mad at you and just wants to see you fail in life. Ha. Well, this ‘bad day‘ happened to be today for me. Just my luck.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I’m currently stuck with a 9 to 6 job, which is just temporary (until the end of December). Perhaps the only good news for me today is that tomorrow will officially be the last day of my work, which means – I’M GETTING PAID!

Anyway, I dreamed a lot yesterday night, and I have this weird thing where I’ll just automatically wake up in the middle of the night after every dream ends. And I had a lot of dreams, which means I didn’t get enough sleep. I have¬†thalassemia, a blood disorder which makes my body have less red blood cells than a normal person. Due to that, I get tired very easily, sometimes my head gets dizzy and I’ll lose my balance falling on the ground. I have to get at least 8-hours of sleep if not I’m a dead person the next morning.

So, I woke up LATE. Had to rush to work, and while rushing, dropped my PHONE on the MARBLE FLOOR. It was only until lunch time did I realize the top-left corner of my phone screen had cracked. My phone was dead. Couldn’t get it back to life, even after trying to take the battery out (yeah, like I actually know anything about fixing phones, when I don’t) . Only thing that was visible on the screen was a flash that came on every time I pressed the ‘on’ button. And the heartbreaking crack on the black screen. Just. My. Luck.

Then, throughout the whole day my brain was on the verge of exploding as I had migraines. It was as if someone brought down a hammer on my head again and again. I was already feeling unwell, and my throat had to be itchy at the same, freaking, time. Every time I tried to cough my head would be in pain. So, I had to try coughing softly, which in my case equals to: not coughing and my throat continuing to be itchy. Nice.

Next up, I had to rush doing huge piles of paperwork thanks to some irresponsible friends who thought they have a million years to complete their job.

Key to be able to work happily: not have any assholes as your colleagues.

Then when I couldn’t manage to finish them up in time (which I couldn’t possibly have),

they came to urge me, telling me to speed things up. Now my friend, don’t spend your time gossiping and doing your work incredibly slow only to pass on the work for me on the day just before the due date. Then, blaming me for being slow. No.

Well, that is about all that happened today. Thanks for bearing my stories. Bye!

Love @amethystmind25



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