Book Haul!

Hello again! I was supposed to do an update on my Beijing trip today, but yet here I am. This post is actually a random one because I was going out for dinner and there happened to be a small book fair at the mall. I would like to add the fact that I am obsessed with books, both reading and collecting them. Guilty for piling the house with books. How could I ever say no to a good book?

1 book for RM10 and 5 books for RM25?? Steal.

I thought it would be a good idea to share with you guys what I bought. I read their synopsis and thought they seemed quite interesting, so I immediately fished them out (after spending some time choosing copies with the least damaged cover). Let’s go!


First off, ‘Even’ by Andrew Grant. I never heard of the book or the author before, but there were 3 short sentences on the book cover that caught my attention. It read:

‘They stole his life. He wants it back. He won’t get mad, he’ll get even.’

Gives me kind of a cliche feel, but enough to catch my eye. I’ve read the synopsis briefly. So apparently it’s about a guy called David Trevellyan who stumbles upon a man who was shot dead in an alley late in the night. Unfortunately, as he advances towards the dead man, a police car arrived, and he finally realizes he have been set up.

From this point, I’m making a rough guess that someone has planned for this David guy to find the dead man, so that he can be framed for the man’s death. I love me some suspense.

The synopsis mentions the ‘world of Intelligence’, which I have no idea what it is. And it says that the police hands the case which David is involved in to the FBI, this drags poor David into a ‘huge international conspiracy’, which ‘spans from war-torn Iraq’ to the heart of USA. David has a belief, which I think is pretty cool: ‘you don’t get mad – you get EVEN.’ Whatever it means, I have a good feeling about this book.


Next up, by Megan Miranda — ‘Fracture’. It reads on the front cover: ‘a lot can happen in eleven minutes’. This book is about a girl – Delaney Maxwell, who survived from drowning in an icy lake, after being hauled up by her best friend. This was sort of a miracle and mystery to the doctors as when she was heaved up from the lake, her heart had already stopped beating, and her brain had stopped working.

So, it means that she should have been dead, but somehow she is alive.

This girl has a special gift, which she shares with a boy who later Delaney meets. Troy Varga woke up from coma and has the same abilities.

Right now after reading the synopsis again, I’m still uncertain what exactly the ability is. It says here that Delaney now finds herself drawn to the dying.  Don’t know what that means, but I’m definitely stoked to find out.


The following book is sci-fi fiction, called ‘Shipstar’ by Gregory Benford and Larry Niven. Based on the cover of the book, I think that there is a book before this one, called ‘Bowl of Heaven’, which is a New York Times bestseller. This book might be quite famous but I have never really dug my nose into sci-fi books before (sci-fi movies, yes), so it’s no surprise that I am a total stranger to the book.

The synopsis of the book gives me sort of a star-wars-feeling (not exactly–but star wars was the first thing that popped into my mind when I think of aliens). It’s about humans exploring another star system, only to find a bowl-shaped structure cupping a star, which has habitable areas equivalent to millions of Earth.

The humans find out that this weird structure, called the Bowl or Shipstar (this explains the title of the book) is heading towards a planet. And that planet happens to be the same planet that the humans seek to colonize. Then there aliens from Shipstar (choosing this name because it sounds better than the Bowl) who went and abduct the human explorers who went to investigate Shipstar.

I guess that’s why people say never mess with nature.

Anywhere, sounds exciting and it’s just the sort of story I would like to watch in a movie, and reading it may turn out better than I imagine.


The next book might be more familiar to you compared to the ones I mentioned above. This is the second book of the now-turned-to-a-major-movie book, ‘The 5th Wave’, and it’s called ‘The Infinite Sea’. I watched the movie and read the book, I loved it so I thought I might as well buy the 2nd one (plus the fact that it was on sale).

The story continues about the battle between humans and aliens, called the Others, where the Others have plotted humans against humans themselves to wipe Earth clean for their own kind to migrate to Earth. I won’t say more details as I guess it’s just going to be all about how Cassie Sullivan and her other friends survive, and most importantly, how humanity will defend themselves. There’s a third book of this series, so the story isn’t ending yet on this book. (And why is there a Target logo on the 20% off tag??)


Lastly, perhaps the thickest, and I think, grand-iest book among the other books I bought, ‘Born of Defiance’ by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Looking at the cover of this books reminds me of Game of Thrones, in the same time reminding me that I still have like 6 seasons to catch up.

The main character of the book, Talyn Batur was born an Outcast (again, don’t really know what that is). It says here that his ‘companion’s brother drags him into a plot against the Andarion crown’, and he is forced to choose between ‘the loyalty to their government’, which her mother badly forces him to, and his own thoughts of ‘justice and right’. I thought the storyline was okay, and I always had a particular interest in Medieval-like stories.

And that’s all for my introduction of my book haul! Comment down below if you have read the books I mentioned above and tell me what you think. Thanks for reading.

Love @amethystmind25





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